Are you happy now ?

And she will give you breathing holes, so you think you are happy.
And keep you in a jar, so you think you are happy.
And now you are in the laundry room,
Conclusion came to you
– Nirvana

Baked donuts ka donation

Exposing kee vajah se meri instagram career khatam. All my friends have left my side. Jo bhi bache kuche hain, fake support dete hain. And now, some “baked” donuts. Asal main toh donuts fried hote hain, but I like them “baked“. Kya pata, isme shayad koi greens hain already.

Thank you chica, who makes hotel management look like a legit degree. It’s 420 somewhere. “Baked” donuts kha ke, hum khud baked ho jaate hain.

Too baked to care about “suprise” ka spelling

Saste nashe ka mile high club.
Green scenes at home.
Udta Jabalpur

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Fake it till you make it (meri 0.27% insta engagement rate)

UPDATE – post on Buzzfeed now. Learn how to deal with fake influencers. Read more about it here.

Instagram ek khatarnak cheez hain. Fake influencers se bhara padha hain. I am not fake person. Baas mere saare followers fake hain. Haan, ji all 150k all of them. Kaafi investment hui hain.

pinkawadamian toh @therebelbong ki deewana hain.

Videhshi admirers
I love you mehengi hatora.

Nobody likes me. Isliye toh main apni likes bhi khareedti hun. Main INR 60 main 1000 likes khareedti hun. Photo post karke, I watch kitne likes aate hain. 300-400 tak toh aa hi jaate hain. Uske baad, boom, Docomo ka chota recharge. Bohot bol li, ab thodi attention please ? Pretty please ?

Fake followers, fake likes, fake views. I am better than all of you. Bas ab koi brand mujhe dekh le, aur ek baal ka saboon bhej de.

Use coupon code “REBELBONGISFAKE” for 10 percent off at “AB SACH AA GAYI“. Now let me make a video of eating cakes by Mehra and do a chota recharge.

Jungle main sona

“No means no”, yeh kya hota hai. If you are rich, then my goldigging skills will sniff you out (shayad main yeh Sultan se seekhi hun). Kuch hi saal pehle ki baat hain, ek ameer launda tha, Mr. S****l C********e, jeeske paas hain jungle main resort. Mujhe dikha S****l === Sona. Hum itne chep bane, ki woh hume block kar diya. Uski shaadi ho chuki thi. But hum rahen persistant. Abhi bhi hain uske peeche, because who doesn’t like a little in the mangal in the jungle ?? Batao zara

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Ex gifted me a “kutta” (hindi for dog)

Whenever someone asks me about my dog, I say, I went to the kennel and Sultan came running to me. But actually this too was gifted by my ex, Mr A.A, on whom I cheated throughout our 5 year old relationship. I broke off the engagement, but I kept the dog, because golddigger == kuttadigger. I kept the dog, but did I keep the ring as well ? Stay tuned to find out !!

Roka aur Dhoka

I was 18 when I caught hold of someone 7 years senior. Was I loyal and committed ? Good joke ! What is a relationship without a bit of cheating, lying and two timing (or three timing, oops, who keeps a count). In the end I got engaged to him, and possibly reigistered my marriage. He ate at my house everyday (My mom hates giving free food). So Mommy dearest had other plans regarding the roka. So in the end, roka ke baad dhoka de diya (betrayal after engagement). It felt good ! It’s a different high to break a guy’s heart. I love it. Khub mazaa aata hain yaar